Thank you for your interest in cooking Dinner!

All menus must be pre-approved by RMHC-CP staff. Anything that can be stored and easily reheated is best.

Groups may consist of no more than SIX people (participants must be 16 years* of age or older). Groups with members who are 16-17 years old must have 1 adult present. Larger groups may schedule multiple days and/or meals to accommodate everyone.

Meal preparation must be done on-site unless you have it commercially prepared and delivered. Our kitchen is equipped with all reasonable cooking necessities. A barbecue grill is available. Please check with us a week before your group’s scheduled date for an estimate of servings needed.

Please fill out ALL of the fields below when signing up to prepare a meal. Only your group’s name and your menu will be displayed to the public. Other information will be accessible only to RMHC Staff in case we would need to contact you.