The Cosentino Family

Ten Year Fight for Cosentino Family Continues

At 10 weeks old, Celia Cosentino, was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, which is a condition where one or more of the fibrous joints between the bones of a baby’s skull prematurely close before their brain is fully formed.

Celia’s doctors and specialists recommended immediate surgery on her skull at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, taking the Cosentino Family more than 45 minutes away from their home in Wyomissing, PA.

While Celia underwent surgery, Sara, Celia’s mother, checked into the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey to be close by. Sara stayed for the entire duration of Celia’s recovery and was able to utilize the shuttle service and meal program at the House.

“I love the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey,” Sara said. “It provided us a home-away-from-home while my daughter underwent surgery and was recovering. It was such a blessing to my family.”

At nine years old, Celia is now facing a new diagnosis – a brain tumor. The Cosentinos have once again found themselves back at Penn State Children’s Hospital for Celia’s treatment.

Since August, Celia has fought through five rounds of chemo, three rounds of high-dosage chemo, and three stem cell transplants.

Now, Celia is preparing for her final step of treatment, as she starts radiation at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“Celia is so positive and strong,” Sara said. “She is what keeps me going every day.”

One of the Cosentinos “saving graces,” during the long days at the hospital is spending time at Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central PA’s Hospitality Cart.

“I like to go to the cart every day that I can,” Sara said. “Celia and I would look forward to walking over to talk with the volunteers and now that Celia can’t leave her room, I will go over and try to find something for her to enjoy.”

The RMHC-CP volunteers and staff over at the hospital have been a family-away-from-home for the Cosentinos.

“All of the Ronald McDonald volunteers are so friendly and kind,” Sara said. “I’m so thankful for their support and talkative nature during this difficult time.”

Before Celia received her first stem cell transplant, she and her mom would take long walks around the hospital over to the Ronald McDonald Family Room on the seventh floor of the medical center to find arts and crafts. Celia loves to take her mind off of things by creating things with her hands and imagination.

Celia turned 10 years old this May, and for her birthday the Child Life team over at Penn State Children’s Hospital decorated her door to celebrate and RMHC of Central PA gifted her a few arts and crafts activities to use in her room.

After all of this hardship that the Cosentinos have had to endure, you wouldn’t believe the positivity that shines from their faces every day.

“Celia looked at me one day and said ‘I might as well be positive,’” Sara said. “I was proud, to say the least.”

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