Recycling Programs

Aluminum Tab Collection Program

When Everyone “Pulls” Together, You Can Make a Difference!

You can help support the Ronald McDonald Houses of Central Pennsylvania (RMHC-CP) by saving the tabs you pull from canned beverages and other aluminum cans. We can only accept aluminum tabs, so if the tab does not stick to a magnet – it’s aluminum! (Please note, we cannot accept tabs from tennis ball cans) Funds generated help support RMHC-CP programs!


Our partner, Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc., buys the tabs and sends a check to us! They generously donate their pick-up and handling services, bringing in vital funds that help keep families together. Since the program’s inception, over $285,000 has been raised through recycling these tiny tabs! Approximately 1,400 tabs equal one pound. On average, we receive over 2,000 pounds of tabs per month which equals almost 3 million tabs!

ANYONE!  Many schools support this project because it provides a terrific opportunity for children to get involved and make a genuine contribution to their community. Hospitals and service clubs also participate in this easy program.

Aluminum tabs are clean, compact, easy to collect, and the high-grade aluminum in the tab has a higher recycling value than the aluminum in the rest of the can.

No.  Although some schools make a math or science project out of collecting a million, we’ll take as many as you gather.

We recommend washing and reusing plastic containers with large openings for collecting and storing your tabs. Please do not use plastic soda bottles or milk jugs because they’re difficult to empty!

We’d love to give you RMHC-CP tab stickers to put on your container to encourage tab donations – call 717-533-4001 x152 for stickers.

Drop Off Locations

Tabs are accepted inside the Ronald McDonald House between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. We ask to put larger tab donations directly in our “Tab Hut” located in the parking lot which is available 24/7.

For everyone’s safety, please use designated parking spaces when dropping off tabs at the RMH and do not block recycling containers.

Have a REALLY large donation?

Call (717) 533-4001 EXT 152 ahead of time to make arrangements.

If you wish to receive an acknowledgement for your donation, please stop in or email

745 West Governor Road
Hershey, PA 17033

1750 South Market Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
When school is in session: Monday – Friday, 8 to 4 p.m. Summer Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 to 4 p.m.

For those who live too far from a drop-off site, please contact a local recycling company once you have a large collection to see if they would buy your tabs. Donation checks can be made payable to RMHC of Central PA. You are welcome to mail your tabs to us, but be aware shipping costs are greater than the value of the tabs.

More questions?
Call (717) 533-4001 x152 or email

Glossy Magazine Recycling Program

“Toss Your Gloss” By Collecting and Donating Your Old Magazines!

Please check drop off site availability below! 

Boxes or reusable bags make transporting your magazines to the donation drop offs easy!  Please only place your magazines in the bins; NOT plastic or paper bags, boxes, rubber bands or string. Other materials can damage the recycling equipment or contaminate the load and can result in receiving no monies for the collection.

When the containers are full, we call Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc. to pick up the containers.  They process the contents and sell them to a paper mill, which turns the discarded paper into new magazine paper. A portion of the proceeds from each ton of paper collected comes directly to RMHC-CP.  Since this program began in 2004, over $397,000 has been raised by recycling over 15,000 tons of glossy paper.

Drop glossy magazines ONLY into the green containers at the locations below. At this time we do not anticipate adding any additional containers. Location information is subject to change, please check here for any updates before dropping off your magazines.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: Containers are marked “MAGAZINES ONLY” so that other non-glossy paper, plastic bags, cardboard and other trash are not deposited. Please use slots on BOTH sides of containers. Please do not reopen slots that have been closed.

For everyone’s safety, please use designated parking spaces when dropping off magazines at the RMH. Please do not block recycling containers.

If you have a very large collection (i.e. trunk or truckload), please make sure there is room in the container before you make the trip. Magazines cannot be left outside the container or stored on site. Thank you!